Breast or bottle?

I read this story this morning and it actually infuriated me. I am all about doing what is best for my children, but people have got to stop this breast is best crap. I never heard of the “Fed is best” organization but I agree with them 100%. Babies need to be loved and fed not starved to death because doctors pressure moms to breast feed and their mom cannot produce enough milk. I was one of the moms that couldn’t produce breastmilk and the pressure to exclusively breast feed is exhausting. I actually contribute some of my poat partum depression to not being able to breast feed and feeling like a failure of a mother right out the gate! I even had to wear some stupid tube taped to my breast that would give my baby forumla but still allowed him to “latch on” at the same time. I would wake up to a screaming, hungry, baby and I would have to spend 5 minutes getting taped up before I could feed him. I tried for 6 weeks with Aiden and then quit. I felt terrible, but it was just too much pressure and I didn’t even produce milk! Nurses and doctors need to quit pressuring moms to breastfeed. It’s not for everyone! With Addison, I tried to  week or two and quit. I wasn’t going through that again!! This story here is proof that babies need to be fed and loved – not starved until a moms boobs can produce milk! This is just terrible to read! Bottle feed for crying out loud!


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