Chalk Paint 

I started a new hobby – Chalk Painting. I love to use chalk paint and distress pieces of furniture to make something boring into something with character. I learned how to chalk paint by browsing pinterest, YouTube and by reading lots of articles and blogs. 

The first time I used chalk paint I painted a nightstand. It turned out ok. Nothing fancy. I just painted it yellow and added some cool vintage looking hardware. I think I might distress it this weekend. I didn’t think I wanted to but I think that now that I added the hardware, I do. That is the beauty of chalkpaint! You can do so much with it. You can just paint it and leave it plain, paint then distress it, add a whitewash or glaze, and I think you can even add a crackle finish! 

Here is a picture of the final nightstand. Like I said… it’s just ok. I think distressing it will make it so much better!

The next thing I painted was an old twin bed set! I painted it white and distressed it! This is in my daughters bedroom now! 

The last thing I painted was a table in my formal room. This was a plain dark wood. I chalk painted it a teal color then distressed it and waxed it! So beautiful! I need to get a new lamp…the red one doesn’t match now! 😊

This weekend I plan to paint an old sewing desk. I’m painting it for my mom! She doesn’t want it distressed, just paint and wax. I’ll post before and after pics and maybe I’ll try a tutorial with step by step pics and instructions! I make my own chalk paint, so I’ll give you that info too! 

Happy chalk painting! 


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