Doggy Alarm Clock

I get up early every day during the week. Usually at 4:45…I know, that is early!! I need an hour to sit and drink coffee, read my proverbs 31 devotion and read my Bible. I didn’t always get up this early. It started about a year ago. Last February we started thinking about getting a dog. I wanted to adopt one so we started looking at animal shelters and craiglist. I found and used that to search for puppies! I ran across adorable 4 week old boxer/bull dog pups that were at Odins Orphans in Rocky Mount, NC. I put in my application and they called me a few hours later! They told me I could come and get the puppy that night! I made a HUGE mistake and took my kids with me. The lady brought out all of the pups and two walked right into both of my children’s laps. So, we left that night with two puppies. Yes, two four week old puppies. TWO of them. Two, 4 week old puppies  Two. TWO! What was I thinking??

Here are the pups right after they crawled into their laps! Arent.They.Adorable? The kids AND the pups!

These are the pictures of them the first few days of their new life with us! They only weighed 5 pounds when we brought them home! 

A year later and now they weight about 55-60 pounds, each! They have had a great year. It took me a long time to get them potty trained, but we did it! They are both super sweet dogs. Carolina is a tad more mischievious than Blade, but they have done well. 

So, they little turds are why I get up so early. I feel guilty (more guilt again!) if I don’t get up and spend time with them in the mornings! So, I get up super early to sit with them. They play and eat and potty and I sit and drink coffee and read. I’ve actually REALLY enjoyed my new power hour in the morning! This is the only hour of the day that I get all to myself. And I’m really not alone! These dogs are just as needy as my kids! 

The cool thing is I have really grown in my relationship with God this year. I started journaling each morning and praying more than I’ve ever done before. As silly as it sounds, the dogs have added much more to my life than I have ever imagined. The dogs have helped me to make quality time with God each morning. Who would have thought?

There have been times over the past year where I thought these little turds were way too much work and took way too much time, and cost way too much money, but my kids LOVE them so much. Can you see the love??? I can. 🐢