5 Reasons why you should RSVP to an event you received and invitation to.

I’m hosting a baby shower tomorrow and people have still not RSVP’d. I think it’s so rude. When I receive and invite to party I RSVP right away. Here is why…

1. The hostess needs to know how much food to buy! When you don’t RSVP, the hostess will overbuy and food and money will go to waste.

2. If the event is at a home, the hostess needs to know how to set up their home. Tables, chairs, tablecloths, everything is determined on the number of people that are expected to attend….thus RSVP.

3. Plates, napkins, silverware – all of these items are purchased for parties (unless you use real cutlery….but who wants to wash them!). Again…more wasted money if people do not RSVP and don’t attend then the items are not used.

4. Party favors – these are purchased for every guest.  If you don’t attend and don’t RSVP, then again, the hostess overspent = wasted money.

5. It’s just plain rude. Always RSVP to a party that you receive and invitation to. If you are not sure if you can make it, just tell the hostess that. Or, say no and miss out on the party. It’s so rude to leave the hostess hanging.