To say or not to say?

March 1, Hesitate

I like to share my opinion. When I’m talking about a subject I’m passionate about I have a hard time not speaking my mind. Sometimes at a meeting or during a conversation with a friend I will say too much. Afterwards, I’ll regret what I said or I’ll second guess myself. Did I say the right thing? Did I upset someone? If I would hesitate and really think about what I want to say, will I change my message? Will time make me change my mind about what I’m trying to get across? Should I have listened more and talked less? Or waited until the next morning to send that email? Or text?

I’ve been pretty confident in myself since I was a little girl. I’m social and love to network. I’m a hard worker and always get the “job done”. I’ve always had an opinion. I’m passionate about things I care about. Sometimes, these qualities have earned me a reputation of being a “B”.  I don’t (usually) let others walk all over me. If I was a man I would have been labeled as a leader but I’m a woman so I get a negative label, instead. 

I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a strong, independent woman. I have a daughter that I am raising to be the same way! Why is it that a woman who is a leader is a “B” but a man is an ambitious leader? I want my daughter to be confident. To be able to talk to anyone no matter what their social class or economic background. Just because you are a rich CEO doesn’t mean that I can’t talk to you with confidence. Just because you are the superintendent doesn’t mean that I can’t share my thoughts and ideas in a professional setting. I’m not a “B” because I have a voice. 

All that said, there have been times where I wish I would have hesitated, wish I would have waited, wish I would have prayed about my response, first. I think I’ll work a little on this hesitating thing. 😉